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Something natural


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"Something natural" é o nome deste alfinete.

It is made with 925 silver, copper, granade and shale stone.

Dimensions:  15cm x 9,5cm x 4cm 

I greet everyone who reads me,
Taking off my wide brim hat
When they see me at my doorstep
As soon as the stagecoach arises on the top of the hillock.
I greet them and wish them sun,
And rain, when rain is needed,
And that their homes have
Next to an open window
A favourite chair
Where they sit reading my verses.
And while reading my verses that they think
That I am something natural –
For example, the ancient tree
Under the shade of which, as children,
They would sit with a thud, tired of playing,
And wiped the sweat from their hot foreheads
With the sleeve of their striped smock
(Alberto Caeiro)


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