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Little Nothing - Paula Castro

Kind of Works I have been making

Simplicity of Nature, Emotions and Feelings are my inspiration and triggers.

In my actual activity I look always for the simplicity of "nothings" and keeping my individuality.

My contemporary jewellery work is irregular, organic, assymetric, emotional, imperfect.

Using Nature raw material

I love Nature and to be at Nature.
I like to walk at Nature. It makes me feel good.

In less positive moments, I always want to go to a Nature environment.  

Since I was a little girl I always picked stones and twigs from the floor.

I still go on like this. It is something stronger than me.

When I started making jewells I started using these "precious materials" from Nature and I keep using.

Nature Details

In this line of pieces I go on using raw Nature material but "translated" into silver and goldplated silver. However, keeping the raw details.

Other materials

Materials are very atractive for me.

I prefer to use natural materials or, the most natural possible.

I use textiles, porcelain, pergament, paper and others.