Jewels Care

All jewels shall be treated with care.

Store jewels in their package or in a jewels box. 

This is important to avoid dirt as much as possible and that they are not damaged being all together.

So that there is no risk of loss or damage, we suggest that you do not use jewelry when playing sports (in particular swimming), gardening, washing dishes or any other activity that may be harmful or cause us to lose our piece.

We must prevent any kind of jewelery from being placed in contact with perfumes, hairspray, acetone, deodorants, water, salty sea water or any liquid (especially with burnished, oxidized or plated jewels) 


Silver can naturally tends to tarnish or oxidize over time. These processes can be accelerated in case of acidic PH skins, or contact with substances such as perfumes, hairspray, chlorine, sulfur, lotion, moisturizers and other chemicals, or just dirt. If you avoid contacts with these product, your silver jewels will last for much longer. In any case, when silver will slightly fade or oxidize, it won't be for a manufacturing fault.

Clean your silver jewels with a soft cotton cloth for jewels.

Should not be too strong to not deform the piece's shape.

Gold plated

Over time plating can fade or tarnish, especially with heavy or prolonged use, or in case an acidic PH skin. However, this process will be much more slow if, when taken off, you will gently clean the jewels with a soft cotton cloth only.

If you're not sure about how to clean your jewels, just swing by your local jeweler.

These methods are not recommended in presence of precious or semiprescious stones, jewelry resins, crystals or other delicate materials.