CERTIFICATION (Imprensa Nacional Casa da Moeda - Portugal - INCM Assay Offices)

All pieces from Little Nothing - Paula Castro made with precious metal are certified by INCM Assay Offices - Porto.

"INCM Assay Offices provide this guarantee through the verification of the legal touch (permilage of precious metal contained in an alloy) and the application of the contast close to the punction with the responsibility mark of the manufacturer or equivalent ”, explains INCM on its website.

Punction application is mandatory in pieces weighing more than 2 grams silver and more than 1gr. gold.

In case of doubt about the authenticity of the punctions, the buyer may use the Assay Offices services for verification purposes.

My activity card at INCM Assay Offices:  P008463

INCM Assay Offices Contrast Marks


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