Little Nothing - Paula Castro

Porto, in Portugal,  is my city: where I was born and where I like to live. Mountains, Nature, ... is something from my deep soul and where I like to feel myself.

Little Nothing - Paula Castro, started in 2013 after I have taken the decision to change the course of my professional life. I have a degree in Psychology and I worked for 27 years in companies. I worked in industrial companies in the area of ​​People management.  

In the last years that I have worked in a company, its principles and values, were against mine. This was the main reason to have decided to change.

Art, aesthetic and sensitivity to what is around me, always were present feeding my spirit.

I was attending jewelry training and I had decided to invest on it. So, I studied jewellery for two years and a new passion was born. My sensitivity became having shapes!

I have needed half a century to learn that the way to mountains could offer me much more than trekking, contemplation, fantastic findings and reflection time…..

Story's name 


When I made my mind to change profession, the name's brand "Little Nothing - Paula Castro" come up in my mind immediatly,

There were two reasons for that: Since I was a child I collect twigs and stones from Nature's ground. So, I was sure I would like to work with raw Nature (they are "nothing").

The second reason was that I wanted to work in another direction that I used to work inside a company: I would like to share with the others the beauty of simple things, simple acts, transparency, freedom, lightness of beeing. To be and not to have. 

I want to value the "little nothings" of Nature, warning the urgency of our planet conservation and contemplation as well as the importance of "small" gestures and actions from humans.

About my work

I create author and artistic jewellery.

My inspiration comes from emotions and nature.

Organic, imperfect, simple, assymetric, irregular, light, are some of my work features.

My values


To sensitize people for the importance to defend and protect Nature. Each one can wear as a jewel a small piece from Nature.


I do hope people enjoy wear the pieces and that they may cause some emotion.


Let's allow ourself to feel the feelings that life gives us.


I try to have simple design as  well as natural materials – depending on market availability and/or recycled and from fair trade.


Due the materials used and the way I work, each piece is unique or from a small serie.

Unique, like each one of us!

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